Inventory is shared, feedback is not

Since linking five marketplaces (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) in mid-2011, Amazon has allowed sellers to manage what they sell in Europe from a single seller interface. A “marketplace switcher” in Seller Central allows sellers to toggle between countries.

Because FeedbackFive supports all of these markets, we have paid attention to this shift. Sellers who close foreign accounts and manage all markets from one designated “home” Europe Marketplaces account reduce costs and complexity. But one drawback is that they lose the feedback and history on the closed accounts.

Country-specific data

small-europe.jpgWhile pooling inventory, Amazon is continuing to segregate feedback, as well as order defect rate (ODR) and A-to-Z guarantee claims. Why is that? According to Jennifer Artabane, director of product management platform at ChannelAdvisor, the reason is to “insulate a seller’s home country rating from cross-country rating.”

“A seller could present and provide a very different post-sale experience to a buyer outside their home country – longer time to ship, problems with crossing borders, customer service in local language, etc.,” Artabane explained. As examples, she pointed out that sellers in the UK having trouble delivering packages in France or facing local-language complaints would not see their UK ratings impacted.

So separate metrics can protect you. What about the history lost for any closed account? That’s fixable. A FeedbackFive account, for instance, tied to any one of those countries can help you quickly rebuild your reputation. Note that if you are aiming to use FeedbackFive to manage feedback in more than one country, you will need an account for each one. For more information, contact [email protected]

For more on Amazon’s Europe Marketplaces Account, visit this FAQ page.


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