I received so many awesome seller feedback stories from FeedbackFive customers that I decided to share them in two parts; you can read part one here. (Since customers are always in a hurry, I took the liberty of cleaning up any punctuation oversights in the feedbacks.)

From Negative to Positive

Sometimes, all it takes to turn a negative rating into a positive is some exceptional customer service. These two FeedbackFive users found that the their positive feedback was all the sweeter when they were able to go above and beyond to ensure that buyers were happy with their orders.

When a customer received the wrong model of a newly launched product, stellar customer service and sending the correct model turned the situation around for iCustomRug. “The customer changed his 1* product review, to a 5* with an image. Once the product rating jumped from a 1* to a 5*, the take off was great. And we sold more than we expected to in the first 2 months!”

Moojou was able to turn a delayed order into a positive by providing exceptional customer support. The customer first left a negative review, but changed it after the company responded with a solution to the issue. This is the updated review: “These cloths are indeed handy, especially in a period that we accumulate so many gadgets around the house (mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.). In addition, the seller was very attentive to the specifics of the orders I placed. I definitely recommend the product and the seller.”

Unique Solutions

Robotshop sells Joy For All products, which are robotic companion pets that are designed to bring comfort and companionship to elderly loved ones. A favorite review: “So wonderful. This cat arrived at home so rapidly that it surprised me. It is great!!! I gave it as a gift for a lady of 84 years of age, who could not bring her orange cat at her new home. She is so grateful and happy to have a cat to pet and hear with a lovely soft sound which looks alive. Thank you very much. Very Very happy. So lovely!!!”

Samba Sports received this funny comment alongside a review: “A replacement for another (goal) I ruined. The goal stood up to all sorts of abuse but I made the mistake of using the posts to support a tarpaulin to protect my bbq from the rain. Unfortunately the posts melted and I was unable to bend them back into shape. Great for kids football though.”

As business owner, you never know what requests a buyer might make. Perfect Plants was able to help a customer locate a unique plant:”When thinking of my favorite seller feedback experience one occurrence comes to mind. Crape myrtles are a huge phenomena here in the South, especially in Florida…they are easy to grow and care for and here at Perfect Plants we also make it easy to ship and receive via mail. This is especially true for first time customer Jennifer who was seeking a Natchez crape myrtle, but she had a peculiar request. She needed a tree with only 2 trunks to plant in her front yard because 3 or more trunks (which is the norm for crape myrtles) would not fit. We searched and searched and finally found a tree with only 2 trunks to send to this classic Southern crape myrtle enthusiast. She was ecstatic and super thankful and sent us photos of her blooming Natchez in the front yard. It proves that taking the time and effort to help your customers not only pays off but also makes working in the business of beautifying the streets, lawns, and world with flowering trees and perfect plants that much more rewarding.”

Feedback That Inspires

Sometimes seller feedback inspires new products, such as this one:”Nuts arrived promptly and were very tasty. Spiced, but not nuclear!” Rassica of Sign of the Times was driven to create an entirely new product listing based on this comment. She said, “It has been truly inspiring receiving feedback on FeedbackFive, the kind which puts me in a state of stitches for days! It keeps me going as the comments keep rolling in to initiate and encourage the birth of new ideas and new products for your enjoyment…thank you FeedbackFive for creating this electrifying connection with my clients!”

Feedback can also be reassuring. “Our best feedback experience came from our first sale. It also ended up being our first feedback from a customer. We put in a lot of work trying to come up with a product, set up our site, get listed on Amazon and other sales channels plus all the other related projects that come with setting up a company and a brand. Then a week after our launch we get a product review ‘At last, I am getting a good night sleep! No more tossing and turning. Love, love this topper!!’ Seeing this let us believe we are starting off right and going in the right direction and it was a relief that someone else believed in us too.” –Ayer Comfort

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