Estimated and promised delivery dates

calendar-resized-2.jpgAmazon sellers who use FeedbackFive have always been able to solicit feedback a designated number of days after customers have placed their orders. Sellers at the Pro and above plans now have two more ways to time their feedback requests.

For FBA orders, FeedbackFive can send email requests on the basis of estimated delivery date (as determined by Amazon). For non-FBA orders, FeedbackFive can send requests according to a merchant’s own promised delivery date.

FBA deliveries, highly reliable

In-house testing at eComEngine has determined that Amazon’s estimated delivery date for FBA orders as compared with the actual date of delivery is highly reliable. Amazon third-party sellers can solicit feedback on or shortly after the day of delivery with a level of accuracy greater than 95 percent. Merchants who fulfill their own orders can readily determine the reliability of their own shipping procedures.

In either case, sellers who wish to time their feedback requests according to delivery dates (estimated or promised) can do so. On the other hand, soliciting feedback by order date also remains an option. Over the years, that approach has generated millions of positive feedbacks for Amazon sellers using FeedbackFive.

Sellers who opt for delivery-date timing options, however, should keep Amazon policy in mind. Amazon prohibits sending emails indicating that an order is shipping, has shipped or was delivered today – if shipment status is the main point of the email. (For more on Amazon email policy, see this blog article.)

How to set up

email-timing-screengrab-2-jpeg.jpgTo create and activate FBA and non-FBA templates for feedback solicitation, choose Email Builder in the FeedbackFive navigation. Then click Advanced Email and select your current template, using the link in the Edit Template column.

To choose the settings for first solicitations timing, go to the main navigation, choose Options and then the Email Timing tab. (See screenshot for one possible configuration.) For complete instructions, visit the ‘How To’ section of FeedbackFive.

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