FeedbackFive invented automated feedback management in 2009, and since then has helped thousands of Amazon sellers proactively manage their feedback and monitor their online reputations. When we created our first feedback tool nearly a decade ago, many clients were asking for a better way to request and manage feedback.

We Invented Automated Feedback Management on Amazon

Knowing the needs of the eCommerce world is our business. And, after doing some digging into our own numbers, we’ve uncovered some pretty cool statistics. Check out this infographic.

Amazon Feedback Statistics

Today we’re excited to announce some major milestones. As the above graphic indicates, we’ve sent over a billion (yes, billion!) emails, and we’ve helped Amazon merchants generate over 30 million positive feedbacks. That’s no small potatoes, and we’re just getting started.

Big Things on the Horizon

We are always looking for ways to improve FeedbackFive for our customers. That’s why we improved the user interface to be super easy to use, and that’s why we keep introducing new features, like our new Email Campaigns Feature. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the next few months!

Are you ready to start using the first (and best) feedback automation tool to take your Amazon business to the next level? Go with the company who invented proactive Amazon feedback management.

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