Hassling vs. serving

Many sellers are dubious about asking for positive feedback. They equate doing so with pestering or irritating buyers – and often think that Amazon has this covered already.

Our experience, however, shows that a significant number of buyers welcome seller feedback requests delivered in a customer-service minded manner. Such messages can generate a volume of positive feedback that far exceeds the status quo.

Expectations: “TOTALLY surpassed”

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Consider the results of one FeedbackFive customer who recently shared his Amazon Seller Central feedback records with us. “I hope you don’t mind me contacting you direct,” wrote this seller (Marc) in an email. “But I want to say that the product has TOTALLY surpassed anything I thought possible.”

This seller also shared a copy of several months of feedback records. Prior to the start of our service, he was averaging a few of feedbacks at most per week. Notably, all were positive.

One his first day with FeedbackFive, however, he received as many feedbacks as he had in the previous 32 days. As a testament to his existing operations, all were positive, and almost all were 5s. Still, the volume was a surprise. “Amazing results,” he said.

After the spike, positives continue

Having enabled positive feedback on many millions of Amazon orders over the past seven years, we are not surprised, but always happy to hear about such success. A seller’s first batch of email requests, of course, covers a large number of orders. (Our default setting is for 30-days previous, although sellers can look back 60 or 90 days.) But after an initial spike, sellers still tend to see positives arriving at a much more rapid pace than before.

That feedback comes not through pestering, but rather through service-minded communications. By not proactively tapping into the goodwill that surrounds your customer base, you could be leaving those positives – which correlate to sales and revenue – on the table.

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