We can’t wait to show you FeedbackFive’s new interface. The BETA version has been enabled for a few of our longtime users, and they’re busy putting it through the paces with their Amazon order and feedback data. Initial reactions are enthusiastic, but we want to give it a thorough test, so please be patient. Meanwhile, here’s a brief glimpse of what to expect.

An update this extensive is the culmination of a company-wide effort. We started by doing a lot of listening — to prospects, customers, salespeople, customer service reps, designers, and developers. You told us what you wanted, and we organized it into a giant wish list.

The result is a slick, modern user interface that incorporates the latest in design and usability, plus some new capabilities you’ve been requesting.

Here’s a preview of the new UI.

1. Updated Dashboard

The sleek new dashboard includes graphical displays of orders and feedback. It includes totals plus a handy date-range tool for zeroing in on the exact period you want to review. This format will provide a quick overview of email and feedback activity and reduce the learning curve for new users.


2. Grid Filters

More than just a new appearance, the interface now shows all order information on one page, with filtered views for Pending, Exclusions, and Solicited. This makes it easier to grab the information you need for managing your Amazon Seller reputation.


3. Record Sorting

Users can sort and filter by date range or order status, and breadcrumbs make navigation super easy. This enhancement makes order follow-up a snap and is a great tool for tracking your feedback solicitations.

4. Enhanced Search

You’ll be able to search globally to maximize hits or search by field to narrow the results, making it easier to look up one particular order or isolate a group of similar orders for special attention.

5. Simplified Templates

The email wizard now allows you to make edits to the layout and content on one page. You’ll love the Advanced Editor, which includes a modern, easy-to-use HTML editor.


6. Enhanced Sign-Ins

Multiple users can now sign into a single account with their own individual login credentials. Users who are authorized to access multiple accounts can log into all of them using one username and password, and a single password reset will handle all their accounts.


7. Account Info

No more hunting or inquiring to find out basic data. Users can check key information at a glance: next invoice date, sign-up date, account status, and (for test accounts) free-trial ending date.


Coming Soon

We’re looking forward to giving you a look. We think it will make it easier for Amazon Sellers to manage their online reputation, help assistants and new users get up to speed faster, and make you a more satisfied customer.

So watch your inbox and this blog. We’ll let you know when it goes live.

Interested in becoming a BETA tester? Click here to request more information.

Laura Pugliese

Laura Pugliese is a Product Manager at eComEngine. She enjoys helping Amazon merchants grow their business with smart, automated software tools.

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