Most sellers already understand the correlation between Amazon reviews and an item’s visibility on the world’s largest eCommerce marketplace. Simply put, obtaining a critical mass of authentically satisfied buyers can cause an item to gain rapid success, fueling a virtuous cycle of revenue growth and additional reviews.

Granted, not every buyer is destined for total satisfaction. As we’ve pointed out in other articles, some buyers can even be downright ruthless when rating your products.

Although negative reviews can cause short-term pain for professional sellers, they can actually play a pivotal role in improving business practices. In this post, we’ll explore how reviews (particularly negative ones) can make a positive impact on your product detail pages – and, in turn, improve customer satisfaction by setting realistic expectations.

About the Product Detail Page

Amazon Review Product Detail

Before diving too far into the weeds, let’s start with a general overview of the product detail page. In case you’ve never heard the term,, Inc. (“Amazon”) describes the product detail page as the place where customers “first learn about your offers.” Each unique product on the Amazon marketplace has one product detail page.

As Amazon points out here, product detail pages serve as a shared space to display common attributes for a given product, such as:

  • Product title
  • Images
  • Bulleted lists of features and details
  • In-depth descriptive information
  • Variation options
  • Customer reviews

Amazon permits sellers to create new product detail pages for items that are not already available. Some sellers, particularly private-labelers and bundlers, proactively create new ASINs as a means to differentiate themselves, reduce competition and preserve profitability.

Updates to product detail pages are largely crowd-sourced based on the contributions of vendors and sellers. Amazon provides detailed instructions for submitting recommended changes to a product detail page.

Let Reviews Guide Your Product Page Adjustments

Clearly, product reviews can play an important role in your product detail page adjustments. To get started with requesting customer reviews, click here.

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