FeedbackFive Campaign Health Check


Could your FeedbackFive campaigns use some work? Customer Success Advisors Rachel Hoover and Liza Ballesteros have created this campaign health check to help you get started. Still have questions about how to maximize your FeedbackFive account? The doctors are in!


Subject lines are powerful. They heavily influence whether your recipient will open your message or not. In fact, 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone!

  • Is your subject line clear and relevant to the message?
  • Does it include the word “Amazon” and the name of a product? (This gives buyers context and can encourage higher open rates.)
  • Have you tested including the customer’s first name or an emoticon to see if this positively impacts your open rate?


Your message should be friendly, yet brief and to the point.

  • Is the text short, polite and free of any grammatical or spelling errors?
  • Does the message contain a single and clear call-to-action (such as “Please leave a product review”) with a link to take that action?
  • Are images displayed properly in test emails? (Test for desktop and mobile.)
  • Is the message free of anything that violates the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service guidelines?


Your campaign timing for each product will depend on the fulfillment channel used.

  • If you’re using the FBA program, we usually recommend that sellers send their seller feedback solicitation 5-7 days after the order date, or 1-2 days after delivery date at the Pro+ plan levels.
  • If you’re fulfilling orders through MFN, you might try sending your seller feedback solicitation 10-14 days after the order date, or 2-3 days after the estimated delivery date.

For both channels

  • Make sure all product review requests will be sent at the optimal time for the product category, with enough time for the buyer to use or test the item before reviewing.
  • Experiment with sending on certain days of the week and at different times of day. Tuesday-Friday tend to be good days to send seller feedback solicitation and product review request messages. Sending messages between 7:00-9:00 a.m. or 7:00-9:00 p.m. (in the morning or evening) also tends to lead to higher open rates. Note that FeedbackFive is based on EST, so be sure to convert our suggestions to your local timezone equivalents.


What are you prioritizing – feedback or reviews? You can ask for either, but it’s wise to determine your strategy to avoid overwhelming your buyers with messages.

  • Feedback: Have you activated the default Seller Feedback campaign or created your own customized feedback solicitation message?
  • Reviews: Have you activated the default Product Review Request campaign or created your own product review request message?

Approved Sender Status

  • Have you made sure your FeedbackFive account is listed as an Approved Sender in Amazon Seller Central? (Otherwise the campaigns cannot be sent to the buyers.)

If you need assistance with your FeedbackFive account, our top-rated Customer Success team is here for you. You can schedule a free in-depth account review with Rachel or Liza to help you maximize your account! You can always contact us by submitting a ticket, email or phone.

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