All-in-One Feedback Management

If you’ve ever attempted to send and manage multiple seller feedback requests to your buyers, you know just how time-consuming and tedious the process can be. It’s difficult to stay motivated when a task doesn’t promise a high ROI, especially given your other work, but you know that maintaining a positive seller feedback rating is important for your Amazon business. That’s where FeedbackFive comes in.

Why Feedback Management?

Your seller reputation can make an enormous impact on your sales, your standing with Amazon (including eligibility for participation in certain programs) and your ability to win the Buy Box. You can ask buyers how you’re doing as a seller by sending a seller feedback request. Create a customized feedback solicitation campaign with FeedbackFive to automatically touch base with buyers. Set rules to exclude refunded orders, certain SKUs and other orders as needed. Automatically incorporate product images, include product instructions and more with shortcut tags. FeedbackFive provides the flexibility you need to deliver personalized branded messages to your customers.


  • Multi-store management from a single account
  • Global opt-out
  • Negative/neutral feedback alerts
  • Email analytics
  • Support for Amazon sellers worldwide
  • Refunded order exclusion
  • Professionally translated email templates for international sales
  • Incredible customer support

Meet the Newest Member of Your Team

We’ve been in the business of Amazon reputation management since 2009 – and it shows. Our feedback software is reliable and professional. We work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest Amazon policies and ensure that all of our clients are acting in compliance with those guidelines. For far less than the cost of your average part-time employee, FeedbackFive can automate processes to save you hours of time each week. We offer plans ranging from forever free to customized support for some of the largest sellers on the Amazon marketplace.

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