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Our global platform provides support for Amazon merchants all over the world. Since inventing automated feedback on the Amazon marketplace in 2009, FeedbackFive has been used to solicit more than 50 million positive feedbacks. Our users have sent over 1 billion emails, saving more than 16 million hours. This translates into over $400 million in value for our customers. Manage multiple stores from a single account, send professionally translated feedback requests, get alerts for negative/neutral feedback and much more with FeedbackFive.

Manage Negative Feedback

Text and email alerts keep you informed of negative/neutral feedback and reviews. No more waiting around and discovering it later. Know the moment a customer leaves a rating.

FeedbackFive also helps you manage negative feedback. Follow up, take notes and ensure your customers are always satisfied.

Convert Feedback into New Revenue

Build your seller feedback rating with FeedbackFive’s professionally designed email templates. Win the Buy Box more often by maintaining an excellent Amazon seller rating. Take control of your online reputation with FeedbackFive.

Monitor Product Reviews

Track and instantly analyze your product reviews at a glance to see where improvements can be made. Create a customized product review request campaign to generate more product reviews for your products. You can monitor reviews on any products, whether you are actively selling them or not. Monitor your competitor’s items, get alerts for negative/neutral product reviews, match reviews to buyers and more.

Our company loves FeedbackFive for many reasons. Consistent customer feedback and review management is essential as an Amazon seller. In today’s Amazon world, it is increasingly difficult to get those all-important, customer reviews. Reviews = sales. The FeedbackFive system makes it all so easy. Sending feedback and review request emails is now streamlined. Personalization is made simple with the endless campaigns you can create within the product. The most important reason we love FeedbackFive however is their outstanding support team. It is world-class! They are always available, knowledgeable, and helpful – taking care of every request without fail, every time. Seller Maureen F.

We were just getting started activating products on Amazon and one of the challenges was generating reviews. We had a great product. We were confident in it. It was just, there’s a pretty low percentage rate of people who actually review products, so we were looking to increase the amount of product reviews we were getting. We found FeedbackFive and it had an immediate impact. Seller Nate Justiss

When I started using FeedbackFive, my prime product was down in the 1000’s on’s Best Seller list for that category and my sales were averaging maybe one a day. Now that product is number 3 in it’s category and number 1 on a search for that product on and averaging 3 sales a day, and climbing. The big difference? FeedbackFive! A BIG THANK YOU for an excellent tool. Seller Trevor Hamon

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