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Awesome support (phone, email, & chat)
Feedback & product review management
Works with Amazon FBA accounts
Ready-to-go feedback and review campaigns
Build eye-catching email templates with our intuitive email wizard
Include targeted links for buyers to leave feedback or reviews
Supports, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr seller accounts
Manually exclude orders from solicitation
Intuitive reputation management dashboard
Define solicitation timing (time of day, days after order, etc.)
Send emails manually
Unlimited users
Toggle between multiple marketplace accounts
Manage billing for multiple marketplaces on one account
Automatically exclude orders for certain SKUs (items)
Complete history of FeedbackFive activity for each order
Custom email designer
“Exclude by Email” – Avoid soliciting unhappy customers without ever leaving your own inbox
Negative & neutral feedback alerts (text and/or email)
View, search and filter all feedback
Feedback removal request automation
Create custom campaigns
Send up to 5 different emails per order
Send Product Review Requests after receiving positive feedback
Automatically exclude orders that have received feedback
Create SKU-specific emails or add SKU-specific messages
Advanced timing (days after delivery, feedback, or previous email)
Advanced rules and exclusions (Checkout by Amazon, Late Orders, Refunded Orders, Out of Country, Feedback Received, Repeat Buyer, SKU)
Send different emails for FBA/non-FBA and 2nd solicitations
Unlimited campaigns for maximum automation
Personalized kick-start session with a feedback expert
One professionally designed email by a Certified FeedbackFive Email Designer ($399 value)

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