How to Increase Sales on Amazon


More Feedback Leads to More Sales

A major reason for Amazon’s popularity has been the company’s focus on delivering a highly reliable shopping experience for customers. Amazon’s feedback scoring system has been one way of ensuring that third-party merchants meet customer expectations.

When making buying decisions on Amazon, customers will look at both feedback percentage and total number of feedbacks. Having high scores in both categories should lead to increased sales on Amazon. If your goal is to increase positive ratings, you need Amazon feedback software like FeedbackFive.


How Does Your Feedback Score Translate into Increased Sales?

Having studied this topic for many years, our customers consistently report back to us that even modest improvements in their feedback scores have led to noticeable increases in sales. Our research indicates that feedback directly impacts your Amazon seller reputation and can influence sales factors, such as:

  • Your visibility in Amazon search results
  • The probability of winning Amazon’s “buy box”
  • Encourage repeat sales with satisfied customers
  • Likelihood of winning repeat sales with satisfied customers


Case Study: Achieving the “Feedback Spike”

excel-chart-3-jpeg.jpgFeedbackFive is an affordable, cloud-based software application that helps you increase the quality and quantity of feedback on Amazon. If you follow our blog, you may have seen our case study titled, “A Month of Positive Feedback in 24 Hours.” The case study spotlights how one FeedbackFive customer was able to achieve more feedback in one day of using our software than he had achieved in the previous 30 days combined. All of the feedbacks received were positive (most of which were 5 star feedbacks). As you might imagine, this “feedback spike” had a direct impact to the seller’s Amazon reputation…and his bottom line.



Take the First Step with FeedbackFive

Give your sales on Amazon a boost by starting a free trial of FeedbackFive. In just minutes, you will be able to reach out to customers and request a five-star rating. Our system was designed to communicate seamlessly with your Amazon seller account. Since FeedbackFive is a Saas solution, there is no software to install or maintain.

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