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FeedbackFive is for sure 5 out of 5 stars in our book!!! We are one of the largest distributors on Amazon and in recent months we noticed our feedback falling greatly. We had tried everything to improve it with no success. This was starting to hurt our business and reputation as one of the better sellers out there. One my coworkers heard about Feedback Five so we decided to give them a try. After just 2 months of being signed up with Feedback Five, with their help and amazing system we raised our feedback score an outstanding 7 points. We went from an 88% positive feedback to a 95% in less than 2 short months and we are still going strong. We now sit as one of the higher rated companies on Amazon which has in turn increased out profits and of course reputation. If you’re having problems with your feedback ratings on Amazon I would strongly recommend giving Feedback Five a try – you won’t be disappointed.



Wow! Not only did the number of our favorable Feedbacks on Amazon double in the past 90 days…. customers are now writing glowing little essays! This is a no-effort advertising bonanza for only $9.99 a month! I hemmed and hawed for two months before subscribing to FeedbackFive. Duh… had I only known!! And, oh yes…. customers are now emailing or telephoning their concerns instead of venting negative feedback on Amazon. Thank you FeedbackFive!

Bill R


We [tried] FeedbackFive because we were looking for ways to boost our feedback. We started out with a free account. We decided that was all we needed. As we started using it our feedback started to increase dramatically and [as a] result so did our sales. We were no longer able to just use the free account – we needed to upgrade to keep up with the amount of orders we were receiving. FeedbackFive has been a great asset to our company.

Nate R


Before [I started using FeedbackFive] I was not getting very many feedback responses from my customers…[I]f they took the time to give it, it was often negative or neutral. Nothing makes a customer respond quicker than a bad experience. [Now with FeedBackFive] my response rate is way up and my ratings are great….With Amazon penalizing us for neutral and negative feedback…none of us wants a customer to be unhappy. This tool has provided an important way to capture more of the positive feedback that would otherwise be lost. [FeedbackFive is] a very important and valuable addition to help manage your Amazon account.

Kathy P


We are fairly new on Amazon and every feedback counts. If we get even one negative feedback, it would mean a drop in ratings and we cannot afford our ratings to drop. Thanks to FeedbackFive, we have had quite a few customers contacting us stating that they saw our feedback and they want to buy from us (even though we are a little higher in price). As you know, people are very quick to leave negative feedback but are not always as fast to remove it. FeedbackFive is great because I can sort by negative and if the feedback was removed or not. Thank you FeedbackFive!

Sam L


Although I’ve been selling on Amazon.com for years, my feedback rating volume has been embarrassingly small. The first month using the FeedbackFive service, my positive feedback on Amazon doubled in volume. It tripled in the second month. This has improved my merchant account standing with Amazon and inspired increased customer confidence in my company. Before FeedbackFive, I was manually contacting customers to ask for their feedback – a process that is slow, time-consuming, and error-prone. During especially busy times of the year, I would often forget to solicit feedback until months after the sale. With the FeedbackFive service, I don’t have to remember to do anything at all – the entire process is automated. I would absolutely recommend the FeedbackFive service to anyone selling on Amazon.com – even if you already have a process to solicit feedback in place today. FeedbackFive makes professional feedback solicitation absolutely hands-off and lets you get back to running your business.

Bill M


FeedbackFive has been a fantastic tool for my business. Anyone selling on Amazon.com knows just how important having good feedback is. Having the ability to increase your positive feedback or even address the possibility of negative feedback before it ever happens can not be understated. Feedback Five has helped me do just that. I have already recommended Feedback Five to other merchants that I know and would encourage anyone that is even thinking of selling on Amazon to do the same. Is your Amazon business worth investing about a buck a day? Mine is.

Andreas G


I wish I knew about [FeedbackFive] sooner! The templates are great and easy to customize. I set it up in just a few minutes and haven’t had to check anything since! Not only did it double the amount of positive feedback I would normally receive, I frequently get emails from customers just to tell me how pleased they were with their experience. Thank you!!!

Mickael K


Prior to using FeedbackFive, we had shipped hundreds of books on Amazon over a period of 5 months and only had 5 feedbacks. We tried emailing customers and including feedback requests in our packages to no avail. Within 30 days using FeedbackFive the number of feedbacks we received increased to 48. We are quite pleased and heartily endorse FeedbackFive. It’s a must for building feedback on Amazon.com.



We started using FeedbackFive just a couple of months after launching our Amazon marketplace because not having enough feedback was really limiting our sales opportunities. Within the first week we saw significant increase in our feedback and soon after we got the buy box a lot more often. That really helped our revenues. Now that we’re established, we keep using FeedbackFive because it helps dilute negative and neutral feedback. We’re averaging 21-38% feedback a month. Compared to the 7-12% we had before FBF it’s a great help. Everyone should use FeedbackFive!

Dustin T


Everything is working well and we find it quite intuitive to use. All options and features have been provided intuitively and the engine does the job well. It’s a cakewalk to reach out to customers for feedback as well! We wish all success to the FeedbackFive team!

The folks at SouvNear


First of all I have to praise the Feedback 5 system. In less than 2 weeks of setting up my first email campaign, my feedback has doubled after being very consistent (low) for over 4 years. It has risen from approx 66 in a month to 153!



FeedbackFive actually helped us drive being better at our business and identifying problems, be it a product, process, or a person….We are a long-time, very happy user for a reason. It’s one of those products that just works great and has applications way beyond the intended use.

Adam S.


FeedbackFive radically increased our number of feedbacks per day giving our new customers more reasons to buy from us.

Jeff G.


It’s a great tool that has improved our relationship with our customers significantly. We can now have direct contact with them through follow-up emails which is translated not only in more feedbacks and reviews but also in a long-term relationship with our customers.

Santiago Y.


Our company loves Feedback Five for many reasons. In today’s Amazon world, it is increasingly difficult to get those all-important, customer reviews. Reviews = sales. The FB5 system makes it all so easy. Sending feedback and review request emails is now streamlined. Personalization is made simple with the endless campaigns you can create within the product. The most important reason we love Feedback Five however is their outstanding support team. It is world-class! They are always available, knowledgeable, and helpful – taking care of every request without fail, every time.

Maureen F.


“FeedbackFive simply works great, and have a great customer support as well! The eComEngine team is great and very supportive, and I think that this is the main key for their success.The tool is very clear, very easy to use, and has many features in it to create a great email campaign, and responsive rules. We certainly keep using it, and trust this team with its improvement in the future as well.”

Doron A.


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