Meet FeedbackFive

The Inventors of Automated Feedback on the Amazon Marketplace

Since inventing automated feedback on the Amazon marketplace in 2009, FeedbackFive has been used to send over 1 billion emails, resulting in millions of seller feedback and product review ratings. The tool has saved merchants 16 million hours, translating into over $400 million in value. Ready to take your seller reputation to a new level? Here’s how our feedback software works:

Improve Feedback Conversion Rates

Ask Exactly at the Right Moment

Automatically solicit feedback at the exact time customers are most likely to take action.

Customize your emails to emphasize your organization’s branding and message. You can even specify which customers should not receive feedback solicitations, based on product SKU, feedback status, and other criteria.


Convert Feedback into Sales

Win the Buy Box More Often

Each new Amazon customer is an opportunity to improve your seller reputation and grow brand awareness.

FeedbackFive helps you establish your brand, thus making you more likely to win the much-coveted buy-box.

Manage Negative Feedback

Stop Bad Feedback Dead in Its Tracks

A negative feedback can seriously damage an otherwise stellar reputation.

FeedbackFive helps you stay on top of neutral and negative feedback by automatically sending you text message and email alerts. It also helps you hone in on problem SKUs.


Request Product Reviews

Product Reviews Matter, So Be Proactive

FeedbackFive makes it easy for sellers to create personal, automated emails to request Amazon product reviews. These messages are sent through Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

Happy Customers All Over the World

We Invented Automated Feedback Management



Amazon merchants worldwide have trusted FeedbackFive for nearly a decade. Our platform is built to help you solidify your seller reputation. Our tool works on every major Amazon marketplace, making it the #1 feedback management software on the market.

Still not convinced? Review our affordable pricing plans.